Lolita's Adornments are proud to announce the start of a new range of Wedding Cake Toppers into our store.
Canadian Kawaii Youtuber 'Cheeky Sparkles' shares with us her trip to Japan!!

New Video! Watch me make our Creepy Cute Flying Eye charms!
If you are passionate about Steampunk, Check out Steampunk Nord-Est! A group of Steampunk enthusiasts That organise and participate in meetings and events in the north-east of Italy.

Check out these beautiful Macabre Dolls designed and created by Dorote Zaukaite aka Tireless Artist.
Cosplay enthusiast Celeste Orchid vlogs her experience at her first JPop Convention in Europe!

Such beautiful Galaxy Themed cookies by Sam
Talented Artist Tammie Wales paints incredible Steampunk Artworks using nothing but coffee!

Fascinating Steampunk, Gothic and Cute cakes from Sweetlake Cakes
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